Tyrone Power Jr. Bio

Tyrone Power Jr. (Born Tyrone William Power IV) comes from a lineage of legendary actors. Great-grandson of the original theatrical great Tyrone Power, grandson of the American matinee idol and silent film star Tyrone Power Sr, and son of the famed leading man of sound pictures Tyrone Power, “Ty Jr.” is following his roots as a successful actor in Hollywood. So who better to star in a movie about the compelling tribulations of being a box office legend than Tyrone Power Jr.?

Tyrone Power Jr.’s credits include the memorable role of Pillsbury in Ron Howard’s Cocoon and Cocoon:The Return, Shag, Healer, Love and Honor, Bitch Slap, Dream Killer, and a recurring role in The Bold and the Beautiful, among many others.

In The Extra, Tyrone Power Jr. plays the role of Derrick Stone, one of the biggest box office successes in the history of cinema. Settling for the unhappy reality of being a mega-star, Derrick, on a drinking binge, signs himself up as an extra on a low budget film using his real name, Joe Fierrereaux.

As ‘The Extra,’ he soon discovers the beauty of a simpler life with real conversations, real friends, and lastly, real love.

How will he toggle the ‘Clark Kent/Superman’ fa├žade without his entourage as well as his new friends finding out?